Links to the websites of several official organisations concerned with Nature or Butterfly Conservation and sites containing additional reference information relevant to Hampshire Butterflies.

Websites Of Official Organisations Concerned With Nature Or Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation - National Website

Butterfly Conservation - Hampshire & IoW

Butterfly Conservation - Dorset

Butterfly Conservation - Sussex

Butterfly Conservation - Wiltshire

Butterfly Conservation - Upper Thames

Natural England

Hampshire & IoW Wildlife Trust

UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme (UK BMS)

Websites Containing Additional Reference Information Relevant To Hampshire Butterflies

UK Butterflies (by Peter Eeles)

British Butterflies (by Steven Cheshire)

Learn About Butterflies (by Adrian Hoskins)

The Purple Empire (For loyal subjects of the Empire everywhere)

A Guide To Butterfly Gardens  Notes with links to other resources on creating a Butterfly Garden. This additional resource suggested by Shelly and Amy and accepted with thanks! Please note that many of the links are US based and may not be fully applicable to Hampshire, England.