Butterfly Videos & Visit Photo Diaries

On the upper section of this page there are links to my butterfly videos aimed at capturing specific aspects of butterfly behaviour. On the lower section, there are links to my visit Photo Diaries, contaiining a sequence of butterfly and habitat photos with captions, as an informative record my visits to butterfly sites. The videos and photo diaries are recorded from both Hampshire and further afield.

To view the butterfly videos you will require a media player on your computer compatible with windows media video (wmv) format, such as windows media player. The clips are designed for streaming via broadband connections of least 2 MB/s capacity.

Butterfly Videos

Purple Emperor - Bentley Wood - 30 June 2009

Click here to view  (Windows Media, 11.5MB)

Pearl-bordered Fritillary - Pignal, New Forest - 27 April 2007

Click here to view  (Windows Media, 4.8MB)

White Admiral - Straits Inclosure, Alice Holt Forest - 7 July 2007

Click here to view  (Windows Media, 3.5MB)

 Swallowtail - Strumpshaw, Norfolk - 8 June 2008

Click here to view  (Windows Media, 4.7MB)

Brown Hairstreak - Shipton Bellinger, Hants - 30 August 2008

Click here to view  (Windows Media, 5.2MB)

Butterfly Photo Diaries

8 April 2011 - Magdalen Hill Down. Target Species: Emerging spring butterflies.

Click here to view (Flash object 950KB)


15 April 2011 - Noar Hill. Target Species: Duke Of Burgundy.

Click here to view (Flash object 1026KB)


23 April 2011 - Bentley Wood. Target Species: Pearl-bordered Fritillary.

Click here to view (Flash object 1275KB)


3 June 2011 - Bin Combe (Somerset). Target Species: Heath Fritillary.

Click here to view (Flash object 1161KB)


27 June 2011 - Fleetwith (Cumbria). Target Species: Mountain Ringlet.

Click here to view (Flash object 1403KB)


1 June 2012 - Glasdrum NNR & Glen Loy (Scotland). Target Species: Chequered Skipper.

Click here to view (Flash object 1573KB)


20 August 2012 - Shipton Bellinger. Target Species: Brown Hairstreak

Click here to view (Flash object 1221KB)


31 May 2013 - Cotley Hill (Wilts). Target Species: Marsh Fritillary

Click here to view (Flash object 1108KB)