Photo Archive - Introduction & Index

The photo archive consists of a number of photo galleries (accessed by clicking the links on the left), each containing many higher resolution butterfly photographs, all taken by myself. The galleries of Hampshire species are arranged according to family or group, and contain photos mailnly taken within the county. There are also galleries containing photos of other UK species, photo highlights from recent seasons and current season photos.

The galleries are arranged into 3 groups (species galleries, recent season highlights and current season galleries) according to the index below.

For the most recently taken photos, there is also a "Recent Photos" gallery accessed from the main menu or by clicking here.  

Species Galleries

Arranged according to butterfly family. They include higher resolution photos of the pictures appearing on the species pages (where available)


Photos of the 7 Vanessid species resident in Hampshire


Photos of the 6 Fritillary species resident in Hampshire


Photos of the 8 species of Browns resident in Hampshire including the Marbled White

Blues & Coppers

Photos of the 7 species of Blues and 1 Copper resident in Hampshire

Hairstreaks & Duke

Photos of the 4 Hairstreaks and the Duke Of Burgundy, all resident in Hampshire 


Images of the 6 Whites found in Hampshire, including the Clouded Yellow (which is technically regarded as a regular migrant rather than a Hampshire resident)


Images of the 6 Skippers resident in Hampshire

Other UK Species

Images (where available) of other butterfly species which are not found in Hampshire but can be found elsewhere in UK. All these photos were taken in UK

Recent Season Highlights

Gallery of the photo highlights from recent seasons

2016 Season Highlights

My selection of 20 photos from the 2016 season

2015 Season Highlights

My selection of 20 photos from the 2015 season

Current Season Galleries

Galleries containing photos taken during the current season.

2017 Spring

Closed gallery containing 30 photos from the 2017 Spring period

2017 Early Summer

Closed gallery containing 30 photos from the 2017 Early Summer period

2017 Midsummer

Closed gallery containing 30 photos from the 2017 Midsummer period